This breath and this body

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This breath and this body

Post by Admin » Mon Sep 16, 2013 5:47 pm


Always, (in fact it is a necessity every day in my life) every morning, I wake up at 4.00 or 4:30 am. Similarly, this morning, after I woke up, I did my daily routine. One of these routines, I call Reflections. In my Reflections appear sentences like these:

1. These clothes belong to ME.
Me, as an image of myself.

2. These hands are MINE.
Mine, as an image of myself.

3. This breath, this body is I.
I, as an image of myself.

My thought in these reflections is: WHO am I in the sentence "this breath, this body..."? This is what I reflect upon every day. Who really am "I" who can claim that he owns the breath and the body? Let us find the answer together. We can reflect upon it together. After we find the answer, let us believe in its power.


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