Can SINS be redeemed?

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Can SINS be redeemed?

Post by Admin » Mon Dec 09, 2013 5:21 pm

Om Swastiastu .

My joyful brothers and sisters, every day it seems I wish to communicate with you, because I feel many people get something through our communication. Therefore, now I want to convey something that is often asked of me while having Dharma Guidance talks. Because of many who ask similar questions, my heart urges me to write in this medium, as a sharing of experience and knowledge together. I'm also very happy to summarize my conclusions although there is a possibility it will not be one hundred percent accurate. However, it will help us to gain mutual understanding and improve our faith as followers of the Hindu religion. My conclusion for the time being is that there is still a lot we do not know about Sin, how Sins happen and what we can do about those Sins. For this, I take the liberty to review it here and hopefully this will be beneficial.

Sin is something that is expressed in behavior that violates the norms of religion, norms of belief in God, norms applicable to laws and the norms of society. Here I will describe Sin, based on its violation of the norms mentioned above, in terms of the Hindu religion. The aim is that my brothers and sisters who embrace and believe in the Hindu teachings and religion do not misinterpret it. Furthermore, things in life that may lead to Sins can be avoided as much as possible, so that the goal of our life may be more closely reached. PAPA meaning roughly Darkness precedes Sin; Papa is due to KLESA, which means inside and outside Obstructions. If one brings together both of these characteristics, then surely Sin will happen, as the product. I will try to give a metaphor which aims to further clarify this understanding.

A person is walking on a dark street and he is wearing dusty glasses. This will result in him stumbling on his feet. The dark street is the example of PAPA(Darkness) and the dusty glasses are the example of KLESA (Obstructions) and the stumbling on the feet is the example of SIN.

In this metaphor we have too much obstruction resulting in a dark mind so that Sins will very easily occur in our lives. So if we lose our consciousness further and our life get further and further away from its goal, we can finally categorize our life as wasted or not able to give it meaning. That is the brief description that I can give about Sin and how Sin itself occurs.

Papa and Klesa could happen as a result of our disbelief in God with all his Dharma teachings. Then who can measure a person's beliefs? The only person who can measure and know about one’s beliefs is oneself. Other people cannot possibly know. Furthermore there are many clever people who understand the theory of religion, the theory of God and even for those who regard themselves as the most religious, it very difficult to measure. The Darkness and Obstructions is caused from their interest in worldly objects thus binding their lives to it. This happens even though they already know that man is taught through Dharma (Truth), Artha (Material) and Kama (Desires). If they, in their lives, still follow the desires of Artha and Kama, eventually, there will occur one out of ten forbidden thoughts (Dasa Sila or Karmapatha teachings); Wishing for other people’s belongings. Thoughts like these can be categorized as seeds of Papa and Klesa or Darkness and Obstructions. What if this idea is followed up by implementation, such as: stealing, robbing, corruption, cheating and similar actions called Sin. Therefore in this life when we draw near to Artha and Kama, Dharma will turn farther away. When we approach and make Dharma our true friend, then Artha and Kama will come as a result of selection from Dharma itself. Many more Sins will occur caused by Papa and Klesa, as long as we are unable to be friends with Dharma. Indeed, this is all very easy to say, but if there is determination then slowly and surely we will be able to befriend Dharma and over time it becomes easy. I often get people asking if Sins can be redeemed. According to me, Sin remains Sin, but Sin can be balanced with good behavior and correct actions. This is more or less what I have read in the Holy book of Sarasamuscaya written by Bhagavan Wararuci. This book is also my favorite. I will provide an illustration;

"If we redeem our car registration we will get back our car registration. If we redeem our land certificate we will get back our land certificate. However sin cannot be redeemed, Sin can only be balanced by good action.”

If we assume the Truth (not sin) is a glass of clear water, then Sin is a speck of ink. If we let a drop of ink on the clear glass of water then the water will change to blue color. To eliminate the blue color, clear water can be added continuously, until the blue color has disappeared. But, if we take the water to a laboratory we will still find the ink substance in the water, it will not be lost. Similarly, people who have a leg stump will never forget the event that lead to it. What can be eliminated in this life is Papa - Darkness, and Klesa - Obstruction, by following the Godly teachings with Faith, Diligence and Discipline. If Darkness and Obstruction are banished then no Sin will dare to approach.

Om, Santih, Santih, Santih, Om

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